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  • What is a 360° virtual reality tour?
  • Unlike traditional flat screen video, 360 degree video allows you to control the camera’s vantage point. You can look all around in a full sphere. Click here for more information - PC World

  • How do I watch a 360° virtual reality tour?
  • There is a tutorial video on your account page when you sign up for your free membership.

  • What device should I use?
  • The Octagon Project has been optimized for use with nearly every device that can connect to the Internet. For a full list of all compatible devices and known issues (if any) click here - KRPano

  • What web browser should I use?
  • For most devices, you should use Google Chrome. For all Apple iOS users, you should use Safari. For all PC-connected HMD’s we recommend Firefox Nightly or Chromium Webvr Build, depending on what kind of computer and head mount display you are using.

  • Should I use headphones?
  • Yes. This will give you the most immersive experience. The Octagon Project is loaded with expertly scripted narration, beautiful music, and live audio from all of our locations.

  • Device Compatibility.
  • A1: The Octagon Project was developed using the KRPano virtual tour platform. For a full list of compatible devices, and all known issues with the player, click here - KRPano. For more information about webVR technology, compatibility lists, and upcoming advancements click here - Is Web VR Ready
    A2: Internet connection speed is important when playing any 360° virtual reality tour. The Octagon Project should work on any connection speed higher than 5mb/s. This is approximately the average speed of a 4G/LTE Internet connection. We recommend a connection of 12mb/s or higher for the best experience. To test your Internet speed click here - Test My Speed

  • How do I get the YouTube version of the videos to play on any mobile device in 360°?
  • If your mobile device is not automatically playing the YouTube version of our videos in 360°, there are several remedies. 1. With Apple iOS you will want to use the Safari browser. If you are using an Apple mobile device you need to have the YouTube app downloaded onto that device. Also you might need to open each of our videos from this YouTube app within the YouTube browser after it appears on your screen. The Chrome browser should also work similarly. With Android, if your system’s default settings have not been change, you should have no problem. Otherwise, you may need to reset the defaults on your device. Just go to Settings - Applications - Default App Selection. In the latest versions of Android you can clear the defaults for both Chrome and YouTube. Finally, we don’t recommend that you use Chrome Incognito, as it may not work in any case.

  • Does The Octagon Project have any religious or denominational affiliation?
  • No. The Octagon Project is an inter-denominational, non-profit organization, and our goal is to teach people everywhere about the truth of Gospel with bias.

  • What is The Merged Gospels, and how does it relate to The Octagon Project?
  • The Merged Gospels is a word-for-word translation of the four canonized Gospels, merged into one composite narratitve. It is the field manual for The Octagon Project, and a perfect companion guide to our 30 tours. To purchase your copy, click here - Octagon Project Shop Page

  • Does The Octagon Project host live tours?
  • Yes. For more information about upcoming live tours, click here - Octagon Project Live Tours

  • Does The Octagon Project have permission to film at these locations?
  • Yes. Either we have obtained written permission from the administrators of all filmed locations, or we have secured permission by the local site attendant at the time of filming.

  • Computer head mount displays.
  • Certain PC connected HMDs are not currently compatible with The Octagon Project. We are currently working on this, and should have full capability with The Octagon Project 2.0. For more information about Web VR, click here: Is Web VR Ready

  • Video will not start on mobile devices.
  • With mobile devices, after the screen fades to black, you must tap the screen in order for the video to start. Remember also that with Apple iOS devices, you should use the Safari browser.

  • Video will not start on my computer.
  • Remember that with computers you should watch our videos using Google Chrome.